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Products & Services

ES Designs provides Manila Hosting and web-consulting services. The majority of our clients are non-profit and educational institutions. ES Designs also develops web-applications for geologic and environmental consultants.

ES Designs has been building web-based solutions with Userland Frontier for over 5 years. In that time, we have developed navigation tools for websites built with Frontier, helped build large content management systems using Frontier, and utilized and expanded on UserLand's growing suite of tools. ES Designs products and services are outlined below.

Manila Hosting

 ES Designs provides Manila hosting services for organizations who need to host a number of Manila sites. In addition to hosting, ES Designs provides a number of custom features for our clients including enhanced administration tools, custom macros and plugins. Please review and agree to ES Designs' Terms and Conditions before requesting hosting services.

Manila Site Design and Consulting

 ES Designs utilizes Manila to build this site along with several sites for local non-profit organizations. ES Designs provides design and consulting services for the Campus Community Assocation's Naglee Park Website and the University Neighborhoods Coalition website in San Jose.

Manila Plugins

 Manila utilizes a plugin architecture to allow developers to extend Manila's capabilities. ES Designs is developing WebScheduler and wsContact that bring calendar and contact management functions to Manila sites. In the near future, we will release Yukon, a plugin that allows Manila sites to manage and stream mp3 audio files.

General Web Consulting

 In addition to Manila consulting, ES Designs provides general web consulting services. These include development of client-side tools in JavaScript, development of tools for collecting remote data, and development of ecommerce sites for non-profit organizations. In addition, ES Designs provides geologic consulting on a wide range of topics.

 We also have a number of older Frontier tools and applications available for download.

Web-Based Applications

 Web-based applications can use the Internet for remote data collection, real-time database updates, and in-field, real-time error checking. These applications speed data evaluation and minimize transcription errors. In addition, web-based applications can provide easy access to site data by your professional staff and/or clients.

 ES Designs' expands on the web-based model by placing significant processing power at the client level, allowing for reduced need for Internet connections and reduced network traffic. For example, many of the important features of our data collection tools, including real-time error checking and data tracking, do not require a full-time Internet connection.

 Interactive demonstrations of ES Designs web-based applications are available through the following links:

 Data Collection Demo
 Data Monitoring Demo
 If you are interested in these data collection and data monitoring tools, please contact ES Designs for more information and pricing.

Geologic and Environmental Consulting

 In addition to our computer tools, ES Designs provides the following consulting services:

 Hydrogeologic Evaluations
 Sedimentary Facies Analysis
 Stratigraphic Analysis
 Geostatistical Analysis
 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
 Computer Applications in Geosciences
 ES Design's principal, Dr. Thomas Clifton is a registered geologist in the State of California with expertise in hydrogeology, stratigraphy, and sedimentology. Dr. Clifton has performed and managed RI/FS studies on geologically complex sites throughout California.

 ES Designs' consulting services leverage off our computer applications. The applications provide tools for efficient data collection and manipulation and allow ES Designs to provide quality consulting services through efficient use of resources.