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Updated: 5/1/99
The ES Designs site served over 10,000 pages during the month of April. Most of these pages were from the Geologic Time Scale site that I developed last year as part of the History of Life course that I taught at San Francisco State. The time scale site provides a directory of pages that provide information on specific periods of geologic time. Requests for the site are predominantly from education domains and I am pleased that the site remains an useful educational tool.

The rest of the History of Life site is a good example of working website. It was developed as the course progressed and provides lecture outlines, study guides, and sample exams. The site was built using UserLand Frontier and our custom rendering tools. With the new workstation tools in Frontier 6.0, building and maintaining a course work site is even easier. For more information on course work applications in Frontier, please contact ES Designs Sales.

ES Designs recently announced the availability of frontierMath, a cross-platform set of math functions for UserLand Frontier. These functions are essential for building scientific web-based applications in Frontier. While existing math functions (the trigCMD and simpleMath UCMDs) allowed users to build scientific applications in Frontier on Macintosh computers, these functions would not work on Windows systems. The frontierMath extensions provide the same functionality as the trigCMD and simpleMath UCMDs and were written for ES Designs by Arnold Lesikar (the developer of the simpleMath UCMD).

With the addition of frontierMath, we will be working to enhance our data collection and data monitoring tools. These tools are designed to allow geoscientists to utilize the power of Internet in their day to day tasks. With ES Designs' data collection tools, you can go to a site and collect data with the all benefits of real-time error checking and data tracking without an Internet connection. In addition, our data monitoring tools allow you to track changes at a remote site in real time.

Demonstration applications of these tools can be found at:

ES Designs' web-based applications are build to work with the UserLand Frontier data server. With the Frontier data server, ES Designs can quickly build custom web-based applications to suit your data collection or management needs.

For more information on availability and pricing of the ES Designs tools or consulting services, please contact ES Designs Sales.

Welcome to ES Designs

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