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Updated: 9/10/97

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Page Updated: 9/8/97

Userland released a script that reads through your email client's out box and builds an outline of addresses. With this script, you can track the recipients of your email and search this outline list much faster than you can search your email client's out box.

You can access Userland's script at buildMailList. The script is interesting, however, it only works with Eudora. Since I use Claris Emailer as my primary POP client, I adapted the Userland's script so it will work with Emailer or Eudora.

addressList is my expanded version of Userland's buildMailList script. This script can be used in conjuntion with the mailClient suite (however, since I couldn't figure out how to write directly to the mailClient suite, it does not require it).

To use addressList, first download the addressList table into your object database. Then jump to workspace.addressList and run the init script. If you are not using the mailClient suite, the init script will ask what email client you use. The script then copies [workspace.addressList.buildAddressList] to [user.scheduler.overnight.buildAddressList]. Once installed, the script will run as described by Userland at buildMailList.

For those working with Claris Emailer, there is one preference that can be used. The default email folder is the "Sent Mail" folder. If you wish to use another folder, set user.mail.prefs.addressListoutBox from "sentMailFolder" to the mail folder of your choice.

I have made one alteration to the action of Userland's buildMailList script. The script stores the number of messages in your out box, so that the next time it runs it will start from that message number rather than the first message. This is fine if you never move messages from your email client to an alternate storage system (like FileMaker). But if you do, then the buildMailList script may break. To insure against this, I set scratchpad.lastmailmessage = 0 if scratchpad.lastmailmessage is less than msgcount in your out box

These scripts have not been tested by a large audience, so the usual caveats apply (ie use at your own risk). The scripts are free to use or adapt as you see fit. If you try out the scripts and run into problems, I may be able to provide some assistance. Email me at

Tom Clifton - 8/25/97

This is a fat web page containing workspace.addressList. This table is approximately 8K in size. In Frontier 4.2.3, choose the Get Page Data command from the Scripts menu to copy the table [workspace.addressList] into your object database. In Frontier 5a22, save the page to disk as html source, and then open it in Frontier using the "Open..." command in the File menu. More info on fat web pages is available here.

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