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Type: table
Size: 7K
Updated: 12/12/97

webExtras v 1.5
webTools for Frontier


Page Updated: 9/28/97
This is a very simple suite that impements an agent to automatically save changes to the Frontier root. This is pretty easy to do, and you certainly don't need a full blown suite to do it. I put this together to get an idea how to put together a suite, implement agents from suites, and add some interface items. I also used it the do some work with MacBird.

To use the suite, run the install script and set the time interval between saves.

This is a fat web page containing suites.autoSave. This table is approximately 7K in size. In Frontier 4.2.3, choose the Get Page Data command from the Scripts menu to copy the table [suites.autoSave] into your object database. In Frontier 5a22, save the page to disk as html source, and then open it in Frontier using the "Open..." command in the File menu. More info on fat web pages is available here.

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