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Updated: 1/7/98

webScheduler v1.7b3

webScheduler is a suite of scripts that installs and runs an interactive scheduler/calendar application over the web. It is designed to assist collaborative projects by allowing multiple users to set scheduled events and access calendars over the Internet. With version 1.6, webScheduler can be used to set up schedules/calendars that can be viewed by anyone on the Internet, but edited.

With the webScheduler suite, you can install Frontier CGI scripts that will generate a calendar when called from a web browser. Using a browser, clients can view a schedule and calendar, set events and edit events. Everyone who has access to the scheduler/calendar can update and edit it.

webScheduler allows you to install multiple scheduler/calendars, each one running as a different CGI. Daily schedules show any events or appointments for that day. In each calendar mode, you can schedule events by clicking on a date link. You can also edit and delete existing events. Access to the schedules can be controlled by setting up realms on your web server.

Alternatively (new in 1.6), by using the AdminMode, you can control who can edit and update the scheduler/calendar, while allowing public viewing capabilities. The schedule CGI uses tables, so you will need a web browser that supports tables to use it. This enhancement was suggested by David Vaught-Alexander, thanks!

Version 1.7 contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes. First and foremost, you can now render calendars and schedules within an existing Frontier web site, so your calendar will be consistent with the rest of the pages on your site. Also, in v 1.7 each calendar maintains its own set of preferences, and preferences and events are now stored in the user.webscheduler subtable. Updating webScheduler will no longer squash existing events and preferences. Most of these changes were suggested by David A. Bayly, thanks!

The webScheduler suite requires Frontier 4.2, Frontier CGI Framework (4.2b3), the tcpcmd extension, the TagExtractionKit, and the formObjects suite. I developed and tested the webScheduler suite with Frontier 4.1 and Quid Pro Quo 1.0. While it should work fine with WebSTAR, and other Macintosh web servers, it is untested with these servers.

webScheduler is freeware. As a result, it is not officially supported by myself or ES Designs. No guarantees or warranties are expressed or implied. Use webScheduler entirely at your own risk.

The storage format for events has changed between the initial release and this version of webScheduler. If you have been using any release webScheduler prior to 4/18/97, you must update existing events before installing webScheduler 1.5. Otherwise, you will lose all of your existing events. I have included a desktop script that will make the necessary changes. See the updater Readme for more details

You can download webScheduler from:

You can also access a working demo of webScheduler on the ES Designs' test server:

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